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DEHAHA PM VSD screw air compressor

DEHAHA developed the air compressor with more stable, more energy saving, and less electric consumption, NdFeB permanent magnet materials have excellent magnetic properties and been widely used in DEHAHA PM VSD Screw Air Compressor Motors, all these advantages to gain a place in the fierce air compressor market competition.


PM VSD Screw Air Compressor:

1.Energy saving up to 40%.

2.Permanent magnetic motor, efficiency up to 97%, the efficiency of rare-earth PM synchronous motor can exceed the energy efficiency of Class I of asynchronous motor specified in GB18613-2012, reaching the IE4 standard.


3. High power factor: zero power consumption, therefore, PM synchronous motor’s power factor could reach 0.95-1, and the reactive energy saving effect is very obvious; No bearing inside PM motor, no maintenance, no friction, long working life.

4.High efficiency optimized design of variable frequency hardware and software.


5.Width efficient interval: PM synchronous motor has small constant loss, and the variable loss variation is slower than the asynchronous motor variable loss change along with loading, and the efficiency characteristic curve is high and flat.

6.Stable speed, zero slip: the speed of PM synchronous motor only corresponds to the rotational speed of the rotating magnetic field of the stator, no slip, constant speed, corresponding with the power frequency

7.Achieve the EEI1 standard.

8.Optimized inner structure design,easy for maintenance.

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