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Correct use of screw air compressor


The correct use of screw air compressors plays a key role in the operation of the unit and the safety of personnel. If you do not pay attention to the operation, it is easy to cause equipment failure. This article mainly introduces the daily use specifications and precautions of screw air compressors. The correct start-up steps for the daily use of the air compressor:

1. Check the oil level in the oil and gas separator before starting the machine, and slightly open the oil drain valve under the oil and gas separator to remove the possible condensed water in it. After confirming that there is no condensed water, tighten the valve and open the air supply port valve of the air compressor.

2. After setting the operating parameters, press the start button.

3. During the operation of the screw air compressor, it is necessary to observe whether there is abnormal vibration, noise, leakage of gas and oil, and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

4. Close the cover door to control the noise of the unit and ensure the normal flow of cooling air.

5. Slowly close the gas supply shut-off valve to check whether the unit is unloaded as set.

6. Check whether the parameters such as pressure, exhaust temperature, and the indicated value of electrical instruments are normal.

7. For the water-cooled unit, it is necessary to check the inlet water pressure, and adjust the waterway ball valve to keep the exhaust temperature of the unit within the normal range.

8. Please carefully observe the operation of the compressor in the first hour of operation, and observe it every 6 hours after that. If there is any abnormality, it should be stopped in time for maintenance.

9. After the initial operation, stop the machine according to the shutdown procedure, check whether the oil tank needs to be filled with lubricating oil; check whether the joints are loose.

With the continuous advancement of technology, many screw air compressors have now achieved equipment monitoring without going to the machine room. Although this method is convenient and quick, manual inspection cannot be ignored. Establish a pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale service system for the unit, master the common troubleshooting measures of the unit, and make the air compressor run without worries.

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