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Why does the screw air compressor keep loading?


During the use of screw air compressors, it is inevitable that various failures will be encountered. Among them, the loading and unloading faults are encountered by most users. The following is for the screw air compressor that has been loaded and cannot be unloaded and the air compressor continues to load and run when the rated pressure exceeds the rated pressure. When the set maximum pressure value is reached, the screw air compressor trips and stops. or safety valve action and other reasons.

The main reasons for such failures are:

①The pressure switch is improperly set or appears to be floating after the setting, and a false number is reported;

②The intake valve does not move well, jams and other reasons;

③ When the system stops using gas, the relief solenoid valve fails, and the performance state is that the pressure rises slowly, not just like loading;

④ The control loop is faulty;

⑤ The loading solenoid valve is faulty, the phenomenon is that it is unloading but loading at the same time, and the loaded air volume is greater than the unloading, so the pressure continues to increase;

The screw air compressor has been loaded with solutions that cannot be unloaded:

①Repair the pressure switch and replace it if necessary;

②Intake valve replacement and maintenance, add lubricating oil;

③Repair or replace the unloading solenoid valve;

④ overhaul or replacement;

⑤ Check the loading solenoid valve to see if it is faulty, and replace the loading solenoid valve if necessary;

The above are the reasons and solutions for the continuous loading of the screw air compressor. Through the understanding of such failures, we can solve the failures in time to reduce losses when a failure occurs.

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