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Maintenance status of air compressor industry


I believe that almost all air compressor agent friends will often encounter such a thorny problem: some air compressor users do not want to maintain on time when it is time for maintenance, and want to delay maintenance for hundreds, thousands of hours or more. In such a situation, it is estimated that the most common reason for everyone and users may be the potential harm that delayed maintenance will bring to the air compressor, which can also persuade some of them to maintain on time. If you encounter a user who really doesn't make sense, you can only say "don't blame me if there is a problem in the future". This kind of coping technique is probably the version often used by most air compressor agents.

In this way of persuading users, I personally think that it is twice the result with half the effort, mainly because the core of the problem is not found - why do customers want to delay maintenance? Aside from the objective factor that users cannot temporarily stop maintenance because of busy production, users want to delay maintenance, just to save money. Since the user wants to save money, you have talked a lot about the potential harm of delayed maintenance to the air compressor. The targetedness is not particularly strong, and the effect will definitely be greatly reduced; The machine will not have too many problems in the short term, and users cannot see the harm caused by delayed maintenance. Naturally, the psychological desire to save money prevails, which leads to persuading users to maintain on time and get twice the result with half the effort.

Since users want to save money, we should persuade users along the way of saving money. Everyone does not know whether to pay attention to overcurrent when maintaining the machine. Generally, the current before and after maintenance will differ by 5-15% (7-10% is the mainstream). This means that the electricity cost wasted by the 500-hour maintenance delay is enough for the cost of one maintenance, and the longer the delay time is, the greater the current difference will be. This is because the air compressor runs through a maintenance cycle, and the oil surface has absorbed a lot of dust and carbon deposits. If the maintenance is delayed, the dust and carbon deposits on the oil surface will increase.

In addition, after the lubricating oil runs through a maintenance cycle, the aging speed will be accelerated, and the rate of carbon deposition will be exponentially doubled, and the delayed maintenance will accelerate the increase of the current; in addition, the air filter will be replaced after a maintenance cycle if it is not replaced in time. , the suction resistance will become larger and larger, which will also reduce the energy efficiency of the air compressor.

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