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The difference between centrifugal air compressor and screw air compressor


The burner is one of the important devices in the heating system of the gas boiler. During the heating process, the burner may be burned out. The reasons for the burnout mainly include the following:

1. The furnace temperature of the gas boiler is too high, exceeding the maximum allowable temperature limit, thereby enhancing the radiation heat transfer of the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace to the burner, increasing the wall temperature of the nozzle, and causing damage.

2. Deviation of the flame base of the furnace, because the temperature in the furnace and the temperature of the burner nozzle are unevenly distributed, and the airflow velocity distribution of the nozzles of the four-corner burner on the same layer is uneven, resulting in the deviation of the flame base.

3. When adjusting the gas boiler, if the secondary air speed control is too small, the ignition distance of the gas will be too close, and the nozzle will be deformed or even damaged due to overheating. In addition, when the high and low loads of the gas boiler change, the adjustment is not timely, and the upper secondary sealing nozzle is not cooled, which will also cause burning loss.

In fact, the material of the gas boiler burner can be properly improved. It is recommended to use high-quality alloy steel to increase wear resistance and heat resistance. The swirl vanes are made of high-temperature resistant stainless steel, which avoids the deformation and damage of the nozzle caused by the burning and falling of the swirl vanes. In addition, the adjustment standards must be strictly in accordance with the drawings to ensure the tangential cyclic combustion of the furnace flame and to ensure the stable operation of the gas boiler.

The difference between centrifugal air compressor and screw air compressor

Comparison of centrifugal and screw air compressors, that is, their advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences, and application occasions.

The basic principle of centrifugal air compressor:

Centrifugal air compressors are machines that generate pressure and are a type of turbo air compressors. The turbine is the English transliteration "TURBINE", that is, the rotating impeller. In all low-pressure air separation plants, centrifugal air compressors are widely used, and there is a trend that centrifugal air compressors replace piston air compressors.

1 Centrifugal air compressor: refers to the movement of gas in the air compressor along the radial direction perpendicular to the axis of the air compressor.

2 How it works:

In the process of rotation of the working wheel, due to the action of rotating centrifugal force and the diffusion flow in the working wheel, the pressure of the gas is increased and the speed is also increased. The velocity energy is then further converted into pressure energy in the diffuser. Through it, the pressure of the gas can be increased.

The difference between centrifugal air compressor and screw air compressor

3 Features:

Centrifugal air compressor is a kind of speed air compressor, compared with other air compressors:


(1) The exhaust volume is large, the exhaust is uniform, and the airflow has no pulse.

⑵ high speed.

(3) There is no need for lubrication in the machine.

⑷ Good sealing effect and less leakage.

⑸ It has a flat performance curve and a wide operating range.

⑹It is easy to realize automation and large-scale.

⑺ Fewer wearing parts, less maintenance and long operation cycle.


(1) The adaptability of the operation is poor, and the nature of the gas has a great influence on the operation performance. During the start, stop and operation of the unit, the load changes greatly.

(2) The airflow velocity is large, and the components in the runner have large friction loss.

(3) There is a surge phenomenon, which is extremely harmful to the machine.

4 Scope of application:

Large and medium flow, medium and low pressure occasions.

5 categories:

⑴ According to the type of shaft: single-shaft multi-stage type, several impellers are connected in series on one shaft.

Two-shaft four-stage type, four impellers are cantilevered on both ends of the two pinions, and the rotary motor drives the pinions through the large gears.

(2) According to the type of cylinder: horizontal split type and vertical split type.

(3) According to the form of interstage cooling:

Out-of-stage cooling, after each stage of compression, the gas is output from the outside of the machine and enters the cooler.

Cooling inside the machine, the cooler and the casing are cast as one.

⑷ Classification by compression medium: air compressor, nitrogen air compressor, oxygen air compressor, etc.

The screw air compressor is one of the positive displacement air compressors. The compression of air is achieved by the volume change of the tooth slots of the male and female rotors installed in the casing and meshing with each other in parallel. The rotor pair rotates in the casing that is precisely matched with it, so that the gas between the rotor slots continuously produces periodic volume changes and is pushed along the rotor axis from the suction side to the discharge side, completing the three steps of suction, compression and exhaust. a work process.

Features of screw air compressor:

1) The screw air compressor is the same as the piston air compressor, and both belong to the positive displacement air compressor. As far as the use effect is concerned, the screw air compressor has the following advantages.

2) High reliability. The screw air compressor has few parts and no wearing parts, so it operates reliably and has a long service life.

Easy to operate and maintain. The screw air compressor has a high degree of automation, and the operator does not need to undergo long-term professional training, and can realize unattended operation.

3) The power balance is good. The screw air compressor has no unbalanced inertial force, the machine can work smoothly at high speed, and can realize no foundation operation. It is especially suitable for mobile air compressors, with small size, light weight and small footprint.

4) Strong adaptability. The screw air compressor has the characteristics of forced air delivery, the volume flow is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and it can maintain high efficiency in a wide range. condition.

The main disadvantages of screw air compressors:

1) The cost is high. Since the rotor tooth surface of the screw air compressor is a space curved surface, special tools are required to be processed on expensive special equipment. In addition, there are also high requirements for the machining accuracy of the oil and gas barrel of the screw air compressor.

2) Not suitable for high pressure occasions. Due to the limitation of rotor stiffness and bearing life, screw air compressors can only be used in medium and low pressure ranges, and the exhaust pressure generally does not exceed 3Mpa.

3) Not suitable for small displacement occasions. The screw air compressor relies on the gap to seal the gas. At present, generally only when the volume flow is greater than 0.2M3/min, the screw air compressor has superior performance.

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