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How to solve the problem of large oil content in air compressor


Analysis points with high oil content:

1. Refueling amount

2. Oil fine separator

3. Secondary oil return pipe

4. Pressure maintenance valve

5. Oil fine separator base

1. Example analysis: machine durability test of a certain brand of air compressor. After 300 hours of operation, the oil level dropped quickly, and then it was disassembled and checked that the return pipe was blocked.

2. Case analysis: A lot of oil was found in the air outlet of a group of air compressors of a certain brand, and the oil injection phenomenon occurred when the safety valve was activated. After inspection, it was found that the amount of oil was too much.

3. Case analysis: a group of air compressors of a certain brand do not inject fuel into the safety valve when the truck is running, but a large amount of fuel is sprayed out after the safety valve is opened after the machine is shut down. Initially, it was thought that the amount of fuel was too much for the first time

Determination of the amount of refueling: the first refueling is 10mm above the upper red line. After the machine runs normally, the oil level is between 1/2-3/4 of the two red lines.

A. The influence of the fine oil separator: 1. The top seal of the fine oil separator is not well sealed. 2. The fine oil separator is damaged and has roughness.

B. The damage of the pressure maintenance valve will cause the flow rate to be too fast and the separation effect is not good.

C. Exhaust pressure is too low, resulting in too fast flow rate and poor separation effect

D. Exhaust gas temperature is too high, resulting in an increase in the gas phase of the oil, poor separation, and high oil content

4. The reaction between oil products and client gas consumption (painting industry) especially consider this

5. Method to reduce oil content: return the secondary oil return pipe to the inlet of the intake valve

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