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How to choose an air compressor


Air compressor is one of the mechanical equipment commonly used in various factories and enterprises. Boiler blasting, smoke removal and dust removal, ventilation and cooling are inseparable from air compressors. Correctly mastering the design of air compressors is important to ensure the normal economy of air compressors. Operation is very important. However, buying an air compressor suitable for your own use requires certain skills. Many friends complained because the air volume of the purchased machine is sometimes not enough, which leads to slow efficiency or too high energy saving.

The four main elements of choosing an air compressor are: cost performance, usage, pressure, and air compressor head.

1. Cost-effective. It is necessary to buy a cost-effective air compressor at a reasonable price.


2. Use of compressed air. For example, the air compressors used in toy factories and mines are completely different.

3. The lowest operating pressure. If you grasp this, the efficiency will not be slow due to insufficient air volume. Of course, you can't blindly buy an air compressor with atmospheric pressure, because the cost is high and it doesn't save energy.


4. Air compressor head. When buying an air compressor, remember to buy an imported machine head. This is my advice to purchasers and electricians, because I have encountered many customers after buying a domestic machine, the machine head will be stuck and overheated in less than half a year. , And a precursor to overhaul and replacement.


5. Choose the matching equipment suitable for your own air compressor. Different types and grades of dryers and precision filters are selected and configured according to different gas quality. Too good quality wastes energy, and insufficient quality affects the manufacturing process, which must be carefully considered.


6. Site selection of the computer room. The installation considers the size of the computer room space. Ventilation conditions, noise isolation, waste heat, waste water recycling, etc. all trigger the use of energy. In addition, "centralized" has lower installation, maintenance and control costs than "distributed", and can also reduce peripheral equipment.


7. Classification of air compressors. There are two cooling methods for screw air compressors: air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling does not require additional investment in cooling tower rainwater, but it must have good ventilation: water cooling is that the operating temperature is not affected by the environment, which is beneficial to the life of the air compressor. Disadvantages of icing burst and blockage.


8. Air compressor installation and maintenance matters. The maintenance room should have proper maintenance space and necessary lifting facilities and access channels. Engineering personnel and maintenance should also be given different professional maintenance training.


9. Choose frequency conversion energy saving, more efficient! The control technology of the air compressor is changing with each passing day. The technologies such as "multi-machine interlocking", "frequency conversion" and "remote monitoring" can effectively suppress the waste of centrifugal BOV and spiral empty vehicles (saving electricity costs by 25-40%) and reduce Standby capacity and investment (15-30%), stable air supply pressure (plus or minus 0.1 bar)

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