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What are the job responsibilities of screw compressor operators


In order to prolong the service life of the screw compressor, in addition to the correct use and maintenance in daily use, professional operating skills are also one of the important factors. What are the job responsibilities of a screw compressor operator?

1. Handover the shift 30 minutes in advance, carefully prepare for the start-up, bring all the tools, check whether the performance of each part of the machine is in good condition, whether various parts are in good condition, whether the oil is in place, and check whether the voltage and current are normal.

2. Familiar with the structure, function principle and performance of compressors, and master their safe operation regulations and auxiliary equipment.

3. Familiar with the operation technology and safety technology, do a good job in the acceptance of the equipment and the preparation and parking before driving.

4. Familiar with compressor failure phenomena, causes and troubleshooting methods, if abnormal conditions are found, the cause should be found quickly, and measures should be taken to quickly eliminate the failure.

5. Five diligence should be done during operation:

(1) Check the indicating instruments (such as pressure gauges at all levels, oil pressure and oil pressure gauges, and oil gauges, etc.) and lubrication conditions (such as oil injectors, oil tanks and lubrication points) and cooling water flow conditions;

(2) Listen to the sound of the machine frequently, and use a listening stick to often listen to whether the sound of each moving part (air cutting, piston, crosshead crankshaft bearing, etc.) is normal;

(3) Frequently touch the temperature changes of various parts such as the suction valve, bearing, motor, cooling water, etc. and the tightening of the mechanical parts;

(4) Check whether the working condition of the entire machine and equipment is normal;

(5) Adjust the compressor frequently (adjust the air pressure, oil pressure and water temperature frequently, and drain the oil and water frequently to keep the compressor in normal condition).

6. Seriously responsible for writing machine operation records.

7. Do a good job in the safety and sanitation of the computer room. Personnel who are not in the room are not allowed to enter.

8. Carefully do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, raw materials, auxiliary materials, tools, and buildings in the computer room.

9. Efforts to improve the reliability of compressor operation and the supply of air volume to achieve safe operation.

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