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Which lubrication method is used for screw air compressor failure


Incorrect maintenance measures or improper operation of the screw air compressor will result in increased equipment failures and reduced service life, which will affect the normal operation of the unit.

Shutdown due to high temperature or high temperature failure, low-quality oil or poor oil product, lack of oil; oil filter clogged or poor oil circuit; fan motor failure (contactor failure); air filter clogged; temperature sensor failure; cooling screw air compressor Poor heat dissipation or blockage of the heat sink; malfunction of the temperature control valve; damage to the host.

The whole machine consumes a lot of fuel

High oil content of non-exhaust: leakage of lubrication pipeline or seal failure; high oil content: whether the return pipe is unblocked; oil level is too high; long-term low-pressure operation; oil failure; oil emulsification or deterioration; precision filter failure; loading and unloading too much frequently.

Whether part of the electric screw air compressor is working properly (high voltage, low voltage, bad contactor); motor failure; poor contact of the power switch.

According to the characteristics of the compressor structure, different methods can be used for lubrication, there are the following situations:

1. Pressure lubrication method-use machinery (such as oil pump, oil injector) to automatically lubricate the parts of lubricating oil under pressure, also called pressure lubrication screw air compressor. This method is used in large and medium compressors with crossheads.

2. Splash lubrication method-the oil is thrown up and splashed to lubricate the lubrication parts by the oil rod installed on the connecting rod, so the cylinder and the motion mechanism can only use the same kind of lubricating oil. This method is mostly used in small compressors without crosshead. The disadvantage is that the oil is not well filtered, and the oil level must be strictly controlled.

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