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Moisture-proof method for screw air compressor


Screw air compressors are used almost every day in the production plant. During the course of use, they will get damp, so how to prevent moisture? The following editor will introduce some moisture-proof methods for everyone.

1. Check whether there is water around the air compressor

The foundation, geological structure, flood control facilities, emergency rescue facilities, etc. in the surrounding area of the air compressor room should be investigated in detail to find hidden dangers and weak links, especially the water accumulation, and clean up in time.

2. Check whether the air compressor room is leaking

In the rainy season, rain leakage and water seepage are prone to occur, leading to short circuits, and in severe cases, it may even lead to accidents such as leakage and injury. Everyone should check the air compressor room to see if there is any water leakage.

3. Keep the air compressor drain pipe unobstructed

Moist air is easy to form condensed water in the air compressor, which must be discharged from the air compressor system in time. The residual condensed water not only easily causes the emulsification of the air compressor lubricating oil, but also causes the corrosion and rust of the air storage tank. Affect the quality of compressed air.

4. Check whether the lubricating oil of the air compressor should be replaced.

In humid weather, the water content in the air increases. During the compression process, the water in the air is mixed with the lubricating oil of the screw air compressor, which will reduce the lubrication energy efficiency of the oil and accelerate the wear of the main engine rotor.

5. Check the device status before starting up.

In the rainy and humid season, before starting the air compressor, be sure to check whether the machine is flooded and the circuit system is intact to prevent rainwater from entering the electrical box and burning electrical components. When faults are found, repairs must be carried out in time without delay.

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