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What is the maintenance time range of the rare earth permanent magnet frequency conversion screw machine


Many people think that the maintenance of the rare earth permanent magnet variable frequency screw compressor is only 2000 hours of maintenance of 3 filters and 1 oil. However, this is only the most basic maintenance. The deeper maintenance is divided into five links. If you Can do a good job in deep maintenance. Then the service life of your air compressor can be longer. You must figure out the following time range:

1. 500 hours of operation

1) Change the oil filter element once after the new mobile phone is applied.

2) The air filter is removed and cleaned, and compressed with the bottom pressure air below 0.2Mpa to blow cleanly from the inside to the outside.

3) Replace the grease.

2. 1000 hours of operation

1) Check the position of the bypass valve, the guardrail and the theme activity position, and fill it with vegetable oil.

2) Clean the air filter.

3) Check or replace the oil filter element.

3. Running for 2000 hours or 6 months: Direct-connected screw compressors are based on the first deadline

1) Check the pipes everywhere.

2) Replace the grease and clean up the grease.

3) Check the oil viewing lens and remove it for cleaning.

4. Operate for 3000 hours or one year

1) Clean the bypass valve and vent valve.

2) Check the three-way relay.

3) Check if the oil and gas separator is blocked

4) Check the working pressure maintaining valve

5) Clean the cooling tower and replace the O-ring

6) Replace the air filter and oil filter element

7) The motor is filled with grease

8) Check the posture of the launcher

5. Every 20,000 hours or four years

1) Replace the group rolling bearing and skeleton seal, and adjust the gap.

2) Measure the insulation layer of the motor, which should be above 1MΩ

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