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Problems that need to be paid attention to when screw air compressors are running


Screw air compressor is a kind of universal mechanical equipment. What should everyone pay attention to when it works? We can express this problem from the following five points. Although they are not very detailed, they are all common problems.

1. The screw air compressor cannot be started

The probability of causing this problem exceeds the price, but technical engineers with work experience will generally consider from the following multiple aspects:

1. Whether the fuse is burned out is a common problem.

2. The car relay of the maintenance machine is invalid.

3. The start button is not well touched. This is not a common problem. At this stage, unless the screw air compressor is really a cost-effective and cost-effective machine, it is generally not easy to have such a problem, even if there is, It is also a very good solution.

4. The power supply voltage of the screw air compressor is too low.

5. There is a problem with the motor of this machine, which is very complicated. For air compressor manufacturers with extremely strong technical levels, the probability of such problems is relatively low.

2. The working pressure of the exhaust pipe of the screw air compressor is too low

There are four levels to check whether there are problems: one is the intake valve, the other is the air supply exceeds the standard value, the third is whether the air filter plug of the air compressor is blocked by dirt, and the fourth is whether the oil and gas separator core is clogged with the sewage pump. , Which generally leads to the above four problems. However, the purchased air compressor is generally not prone to such problems, and it is generally an air compressor that has been used for many years.

3. The oil content of industrial air compressor flatulence is higher than the standard value

For those who are concerned about the air index, whether there is too much oil in the air is the key. There are many reasons for this problem. There are six reasons for the key. High gas. The second is that the filter device of the oil return pipe or the throttle valve hole is blocked. The third is the destruction of the oil and gas separator core. The second is the oil leakage of the oil pipeline system software of the air compressor. It may be that the working pressure of the air compressor is too low. The latter is the problem of saving grease. If the screw air compressor uses too much foam, it will also cause such a problem.

4. The temperature of the machine's exhaust pipe is higher than the standard value

The high temperature above 150°C is mainly caused by the excessively high working temperature of the machine or the inability of the temperature regulating valve to work normally. In addition, the supply of automobile oil is insufficient, and the oil radiator has not been cleaned for a long time. Sometimes a clogged oil filter can cause this kind of situation. In addition, the cooling fan is not very good and the heat transfer coefficient is often faulty. If the machine is well maintained, such problems are relatively rare.

Five, the air compressor can not be high speed

Under normal circumstances, it is possible to check whether the bypass valve is working normally, and whether the liquid level sensor is working normally. In fact, screw air compressors are very similar to cars. If it is well maintained, its service life will be longer and the probability of problems will be lower. In many cases, most of the problems of screw air compressors are caused by improper maintenance or improper methods.

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