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Advantages of scroll air compressors in the pharmaceutical industry


The pharmaceutical industry is an industry of "life is critical" and "angel". The quality of compressed air is related to the health of the people, the stability of the society and the future of the country and cannot be careless. In the context of global energy shortages and energy saving and consumption reduction, it is very necessary to reduce the energy consumption of air compressors as much as possible. Air compressor is a kind of mechanical working equipment, and noise is inevitable. But in a place like a hospital, the noise tolerance is always limited. The smaller the air compressor, the better.

At the same time, the technology industry is specialized. Not all pharmaceutical companies have professionals in the compressed air field. They are not professional in the design and layout of compressed air preparation systems. However, professional institutions such as design institutes can also be used for design and verification. If an oil-free air compressor is selected, the influence of oil on the quality of compressed air will be completely stopped.

In addition, the stable and sustainable economic (energy-saving) operation and maintenance of the system usually rely on professional operation and maintenance companies. If the air compressor itself has high stability and reliability, and the maintenance parts are few and simple, it will save a lot of costs for the enterprise and reduce the production and operation cost of the enterprise. To a certain extent, compared with air compressors such as oil-injected screw air compressors, piston air compressors, and centrifugal air compressors, scroll air compressors have comparative advantages, mainly in:

1. Oil-free: The lubricating oil in the machine is mainly to build a thin oil film and lubricate the bearings, without cooling, so the output of compressed air is oil-free.

2. Low energy consumption: 1) Inhalation pressurization effect, no gap volume, volumetric efficiency greater than 98%; 2) Multiple working chambers are gradually compressed, the pressure difference between adjacent working chambers is small, and the leakage is small; one compression process multiple compressions , Has a high thermal efficiency; 3) There is no intake and exhaust valve, the resistance loss of intake and exhaust is almost zero; 4) There is no friction and wear of the moving mechanism, and the mechanical efficiency is high. The scroll compressor is more energy-saving than other air compressors.

3. Low noise: 1) No intake and exhaust valve, complex movement mechanism, eliminating valve plate knocking sound and airflow impact sound, so that noise is drastically reduced; 2) Intake and exhaust are continuous and stable, more than 6000 times per minute, causing airflow to pulsate Very small, so the noise is only 60 decibels.

4. High reliability: 1) Few main components are the key factor for high reliability; 2) The turning radius is small, the line speed is only 2 meters per second, the wear is small, the mechanical efficiency is high, and the vibration is small; 3) The science of the whole machine system Control to ensure the further improvement of stability.

5. Low maintenance cost: 1) There are few main components and wearing parts, which greatly reduces the possibility of component replacement; 2) Long replacement cycle, convenient use, low maintenance workload and low maintenance cost.

This article briefly describes the application advantages of scroll air compressors in the pharmaceutical industry from several aspects, in order to provide reference and reference for the counterparts who provide compressed air services in the pharmaceutical industry. Each type of air compressor has its advantages and disadvantages, and is destined to be more suitable for certain application scenarios. As an enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to choose the most suitable air compressor in terms of air consumption, quality, energy efficiency, economic operation, and reliability.

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