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Common failures and causes of low pressure air compressors


1. Unable to start fault

The power is not turned on, turn on the power switch to turn on the power. The control circuit fuse is blown; replace the fuse, find out the cause and solve it.

2. Excessive exhaust temperature causes high temperature shutdown

3. The oil temperature is too high for marine air compressors

4. Motor failure

Send the motor to the factory for testing, and check the motor and starter wiring before removing the motor.

5. Insufficient gas supply

6. Excessive pressure

7. The oil level is too low

If the oil level is too low, add lubricating oil to the specified height. Check the oil system for leaks. The oil filter is clogged, replace the oil filter core.

8. Excessive oil consumption

The oil level in the oil sump is too high, is it discharged from the pressure relief valve? If the secondary oil pipeline is blocked, clean the oil return pipe and the oil return check valve for damage.

9. The loading and unloading cycles are too frequent. Marine air compressor

10. The oil filter is clogged

The oil filter model is incorrect, the filter quality is not good, and there are too many impurities in the lubricating oil. Factory direct sales of screw air compressors.

Replace the air filter, the system is contaminated; check and remove the dust, corrosive materials, paint film and sludge in the system.

11. Frequent clogging of the air filter

The air filter is not compatible with the environmental conditions. The intake valve is not opened or closed according to the gas demand. The air intake valve is stuck, check the intake valve, valve sleeve, or shaft, and replace if necessary. If the air filter is damaged or not suitable for the environment, replace the damaged air filter element. If it is not suitable for the environment, you can choose a heavy-duty air filter or guide the suction to a place with clean air.

12. Cannot unload when compressed air demand decreases

The unloading pressure setting is incorrect, reset the unloading pressure. The unloading solenoid valve is damaged, repair or replace.

13. Cannot load when the pressure drops to the lower limit of control

The loading pressure setting is incorrect; reset the loading pressure. The solenoid valve is damaged, repair or replace. Is the vent valve reset?

14. Excessive water content in the compressed air at the exhaust end

The water-gas separator is blocked, clean or replace. Installation application failure, check other accessories in the same system. If the water cooler leaks, replace the water cooler, and check whether the drain solenoid valve is damaged.

15. The safety valve opens abnormally

The pressure setting value is incorrect, readjust the pressure value to obtain the correct pressure relief range. The intake valve is not closed as required. The safety valve itself has quality problems. It is necessary to periodically check whether the safety valve is in the correct pressure setting position, and replace it if it leaks.

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