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Failure of high-pressure air compressor equipment displacement reduction


Failure reason 1: lack of oil


The reduction of the equipment displacement is directly related to the lack of oil. When the equipment is lack of oil, not only the pressure roller of the air compressor cannot be raised and lowered, but also there is a certain knocking sound.


Maintenance method: first check and clean the air muffler, then observe the oil level, find that the oil level is lower than 1/3 of the oil standard level, immediately add the same brand of oil, then turn on the power switch, and try it on. Disassemble the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, and cylinder of the moving mechanism components for inspection.


Cause 2: The air muffler filter and air valve are not tight


Maintenance method: cleaning the air muffler filter and cleaning the dirt on the valve plate and valve plate can help the compressor equipment to ensure the normal displacement.


Failure reason 3: the quality of lubricating oil is not good


Maintenance method: Poor quality of lubricating oil will cause the piston ring to be sucked, thereby reducing the displacement. Therefore, high-quality lubricants should be selected. After long-term work, the lubricating oil will contain impurities, dust, etc., so it must be filtered.


Failure reason 4: exhaust temperature rises


Maintenance method: The increase in exhaust temperature will also cause the piston ring to be sucked, resulting in a decrease in exhaust volume. As long as the temperature is lowered, the problem can be solved.

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