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Safety matters needing attention in laboratory air compressor

The laboratory air compressor system not only has equipment for producing compressed gas, but also a gas tank for storing compressed gas. If there is negligence in the installation process, it is easy to cause safety accidents during use. Therefore, in order to avoid potential safety hazards during use, During the installation process of the laboratory air compressor, we must install it in strict accordance with the requirements. Today, the editor will take you to understand the safety matters that need to be paid attention to during the installation process.

1. The ground where the compressor is placed must be flat, and the ground must not be soft soil.

2. When power distribution, select the correct power cord diameter and confirm the correctness of the voltage. On the power supply line, safety devices such as air switches and fuses must be installed. In order to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment, please follow the electrical installation regulations, connect the appropriate grounding wire, and leave the necessary maintenance space around the machine.

3. When piping the main pipe, the pipe must have a downward slope of 1o--2o.

4. It is necessary to check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct when the machine is turned on for the first time or the power cord changes. To prevent the machine head from losing oil and burning.

5. When the unit is running, do not loosen or remove any piping accessories, joints and devices. The unit is filled with high-pressure and high-temperature liquid, which can cause serious personal injury.

6. Before performing maintenance (such as refueling) and overhaul work on the compressor, you must:

a) Unit shutdown:

b) Cut off the power supply and ensure that the compressor is in a power-off state;

C) Ensure that the compressor system has no pressure.

7. Do not operate the compressor at a discharge pressure higher than the discharge pressure specified on the compressor nameplate.

8. The safety valve is installed on the seat of the oil fine separator. Once the gas pressure in the system exceeds the set pressure, the gas will be released through this valve. At this time, be sure to check the cause of overpressure.

9. The screw air compressor special oil designated and recommended by our company must be used, and it is strictly forbidden to mix lubricating oils of different brands.

10. Components such as the motor, temperature sensor, pressure transmitter, electric control box, wire, and oil-air separator filter element in the compressor should be checked regularly. Such components may cause fire accidents if they are neglected for a long time.

11. The assembly of the compressor host requires highly skilled professionals. The user is not allowed to disassemble the compressor host by himself.

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