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How to repair the rotor wear of air compressor accessories

As the rotor of the air compressor accessories rotates in the barrel, the lubricating oil and compressed gas rub against the screw and the body, causing the working surface of the air compressor to gradually wear out: the diameter of the screw gradually decreases, and the inner diameter of the inner hole of the body gradually increases. In this way, the matching diameter gap between the screw and the body increases a little as the two gradually wear. However, since the resistance of the nose and the manifold at the front of the body has not changed, this increases the leakage flow of the squeezed gas forward, that is, the flow of gas and lubricating oil from the diameter gap to the intake direction increases, and the long time is longer. Slowly the rotor will wear out.

So, how to repair the rotor wear of screw air compressor accessories?


1. Body repair

The inner surface of the machine body is harder than the screw, and its damage comes later than the screw. The scrapping of the body is the increase in the inner diameter due to time wear. Its repair method is as follows:


1. For the body with increased diameter due to wear, if there is a certain nitriding layer, the holes in the body can be directly bored and ground to a new diameter size, and then a new screw can be prepared according to this diameter.


2. The inner diameter of the machine is machined and trimmed to recast the alloy, the thickness is between 1~2mm, and then it is finished to size.


Second, the repair of the screw


1. The twisted screw should be considered according to the actual inner diameter of the machine body, and the outer diameter deviation of the new screw should be given according to the normal clearance of the machine body.


2. After the surface of the thread with the reduced diameter of the worn screw is treated, it is thermally sprayed with a wear-resistant alloy, and then processed to size by grinding. This method is generally processed and repaired by a professional spraying factory, and the cost is relatively low.

3. Overlay welding of wear-resistant alloy on the threaded part of the worn screw. According to the degree of screw wear, surfacing welding 1~2mm thick, and then grinding the screw to size. This wear-resistant alloy is composed of materials such as C, Cr, Vi, Co, W, and B to increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the screw. The professional surfacing factory has a high cost for this kind of processing. Except for the special requirements of the screw, it is generally rarely used.

4. Hard chromium plating can also be used to repair the screw. Chromium is also a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal, but the hard chromium layer is easier to fall off.

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