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Abnormal operation of air compressor

The problem of air compressor failure is relatively common. Air compressors of any brand will fail due to factors such as service life, component loss, use environment, etc. 

The most important thing is to quickly resolve the failure and restore factory production. Today The editor will introduce how to troubleshoot the abnormal operation of the air compressor.

1. The air compressor suddenly stops automatically during production operation;

2. The air compressor starts slowly, responds slowly, or even starts without any response, and crashes;

3. During the operation of the air compressor, the power is not stable, the production efficiency is not high, and the speed is reduced;

4. The internal temperature of the air compressor is too high and overheated, and there are also problems in the cooling system, lack of cooling pumps, and the cooling liquid does not work. Some of the problems of high temperature and overheating of air compressors can be directly reflected by instruments, warning lights, etc., while others need to be checked for temperature inspection; gears, bearings and other parts are overheated, mostly due to air compressor lubricating oil Insufficiency caused by; the temperature of air compressor oil and water is too high or too low, which will also affect the normal operation of the air compressor.

5. Abnormal use of lubricating oil. The deterioration of lubricating oil is often faster than normal use, and it is directly related to excessive temperature; the friction and wear of bearings and other parts and components wear faster.

6. The running sound and vibration of the air compressor are abnormal, and the air compressor vibrates violently during operation, and abnormal sound occurs. This is caused by the air compressor's own "alarm system". When the air compressor has abnormal noise or vibration, it needs to be repaired in time, find the cause of the failure, and return to normal in the first time.

Generally speaking, an air compressor will have an early warning signal when there is a problem. The user needs to pay attention to the operation of the air compressor during use, find a solution in time, or seek the help of an air compressor professional.

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