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Common failures and treatment methods of laboratory air compressors

1. The air output temperature is too high

(1) Reduce the air input temperature of the laboratory air compressor. Increase the ventilation of the air compressor room in the laboratory, add an exhaust hood on the roof of the room to remove the hot air, and control the indoor temperature not to be too high. In summer, the temperature of the air compressor room should not exceed 40°C.

(2) Lower the input temperature of cooling water, keep the water temperature at 18°C in winter and 24°C in summer.

(3) Increase the flow of cooling water. After calculation, the difference between the input temperature and output temperature of the cooling water is 15°C, and the cooling 

water flow rate is 3.7 liters/sec.

(4) Clean the scale or dirty deposits in the cooling water. Add detergent to the cooling water to dredge the cooling water system.

2. The screw air compressor oil temperature is too high

The screw air compressor has an oil temperature protection setting. When the oil temperature exceeds 70℃, it will shut down, causing the air compressor to shut down 

frequently. The reason for the high oil temperature is the failure of the oil cooler. Due to the thin cooling water pipeline in the oil cooler, it is not easy to clean up after scaling, causing the oil temperature to fail to drop. It is too expensive to replace an oil cooler. After research and exploration, it is better to clean the cooler with the following methods. After removing the oil cooler, soak it in the detergent for one day, and then use a small water pump to pump water under pressure into the oil cooler 

for repeated washing to remove the scale. The oil temperature in summer should be controlled below 60°C.

3. Frequent failure of air filter

When the screw air compressor is used, the air filter can only be used for one month before it fails. After analysis, the surrounding air environment is dirty. For this reason, a net cover is added above the air filter of the air compressor to prolong the use time of the filter.

4. The screw air compressor frequently burns the motor

During the use of the laboratory air compressor, the main motor frequently burned down within a period of time. The main reason is that nothing has its maximum working 

pressure. If it exceeds this working pressure and runs for a long time, long-term overload operation will cause the air compressor motor to overheat and burn the motor.

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