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Common failures and solutions of screw air compressors

Screw air compressors will have various faults after the accumulation of use over time. Some are caused by the aging of mechanical equipment, and some are caused by improper maintenance or operation. When these faults occur, it is best to ask a professional. Personnel come for maintenance. If forced start is prone to secondary failures, today I will introduce how to troubleshoot conventional failures of screw air compressors.

1. The air compressor cannot be started for no reason

Check for control voltage. If not, you need to check whether the fuse is intact; if there is a control voltage, check whether the control relay and time relay are operating normally.

2. The air supply of the air compressor is abnormal

Check whether the control cylinder is moving, there is action, check whether the butterfly valve has mechanical failure; if there is no failure, check whether the loaded electromagnetic ISV coil has suction; after removing the mechanical failure of the ISV solenoid valve and the coil failure, check the sub-circuits where the solenoid valve ISV is located one by one .

3. The exhaust pressure of the air compressor is too low

Check the pressure before and after separation, check whether the gas pipeline is leaking, whether the butterfly valve is fully opened, whether the intake regulator is working properly, whether the solenoid valve 3SV, 8SV is leaking, whether the pressure switch IPS needs to be re-adjusted, etc.

4. The air compressor will automatically stop during operation

First, check whether the machine automatically stops normally; then check whether the automatic switch and thermal relay act, whether the cooling fan motor stops, or the exhaust temperature is too high, or the pressure is too high, and whether the motor current is normal.

5. The exhaust temperature of the air compressor is too high

Firstly check whether the ambient temperature, compressor lubricating oil, oil level, oil quality, refrigerating fan, etc. are normal; then check whether the oil cooler and aftercooler are clean, the temperature control valve components, the oil cut-off solenoid valve voltage and the valve body are normal , If the diaphragm is damaged, the temperature control valve core does not work, etc., it needs to be replaced; finally, check whether the oil filter is dirty or needs to be replaced. The exhaust temperature is normally 80~95℃.

6. The air compressor does not start smoothly

The screw air compressor will stop automatically a few seconds after starting up. It is recommended to check whether the switch is tripped, whether the voltage is normal, whether the closing degree of the intake butterfly valve is normal, and whether the contactor and the motor are normal in the Y-△ starting.

7. Fuel injection at the inlet of the air compressor causes shutdown

First check whether the oil cut solenoid valve 5SV has voltage and whether the mechanical part is normal; if it is normal, check the check valve and reassemble or replace it.

8. The air compressor consumes a lot of fuel

Check whether the oil content of the condensate discharged by the trap is too large, whether the compressor oil level is too high, whether the minimum pressure valve opening pressure is normal, whether the oil return pipe is blocked, whether the oil separation core is blocked, etc. 

The above problems will affect the fuel consumption, and should be dealt with in time if there is a problem.

The above-mentioned screw air compressor problems are some of the 

most common failures, which can be repaired normally in a short time. Air compressors are more professional and systematic equipment. When repairing, you must find a regular company. It is best to repair the equipment from the manufacturer of the equipment. Compared with the street shop factory, the technical ability is definitely much stronger.

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