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What are the advantages of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

There is a big difference between the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor and the traditional air compressor in the composition of the components, which are mainly four major components: permanent magnet motor, frequency converter, display screen, and centrifugal fan. Today, the editor will introduce the characteristics of these four components.

1. Permanent magnet motor

1.1 It can maintain an efficiency of more than 96% under any load, which is more than 38% energy-saving compared to traditional air compressors, and more than 10% energy-saving than induction variable frequency motors;

1.2 The shaft body is a one-piece structure, which ensures the stability of the equipment. In addition, traditional components such as belts, gears, and couplings are not required, which can ensure that the transmission is not damaged;

1.3 The motor can be started and stopped indefinitely without affecting the service life of the motor, and the starting current will not exceed the approved full load current, which greatly extends the service life of the motor;

1.4 Through wide-range control, set the unit speed according to different operating pressures, so as to achieve the maximum air volume;

1.5 The application range of permanent magnet motor is wider, because permanent magnet motor itself has the advantages of low speed and high output torque;

1.6 The permanent magnet motor is about 30% smaller than the motor of the same power, the weight can be reduced by about 35%, and the overall maintenance is more convenient.

2. Inverter

2.1 Equipped with a high-frequency reactor can effectively reduce the high-frequency and external magnetic field interference generated by the inverter;

2.2 Effectively reduce the peak current at startup, can effectively achieve smooth startup and save power equipment;

2.3 The special heat dissipation design can effectively prevent the problem of high temperature trip in summer;

2.4 Equipped with dust-proof net parts can effectively prevent pollution, after the circuit board is coated, it can not only effectively prevent pollution, but also have the effect of dust and moisture;

2.5 CAN's standard protocol can help select replacement hardware and wires, and significantly increase noise resistance;

2.6 The frequency converter can quickly track changes in pressure, and can control the pressure within plus or minus 0.01 MPa, helping the air compressor to achieve precise air supply.

3.the display

3.1 The energy-saving effect can be visualized, which can actually observe the energy-saving situation;

3.2 Multi-dimensional design protection, which can be effectively reminded when there is a light fault, and any fault will be reminded, which can quickly help the operator to troubleshoot the problem;

3.3 A variety of pressures can be switched freely, greatly improving the convenience of operation;

3.4 Pressure setting helps the unit to accurately reach the output pressure value;

3.5 It is convenient to control the start-stop and pre-heating functions of the refrigerated dryer, and a variety of text switching solves the problem of inconvenient operation for customers.

4.centrifugal fan

4.1 It can operate normally in harsh environments and still achieve the best cooling effect;

4.2 The efficiency of the double-inlet centrifuge is higher than that of the ordinary fan, the air volume is larger, and the noise is lower.

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