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Safety instructions for the use of air compressors

Every kind of machine has some safety measures when operating to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the personal safety of the operator. The same air compressor is not an exception. It needs some safety protection measures in the operation engineering. Let's take a look together.

1. When operating an air compressor, it is necessary to have professionals. In the three processes of operation, repair and maintenance, qualified personnel are required to operate. This is primarily to protect the safety of the operators. If you do not understand the machine Personnel may not pay attention to some small details when they perform operations, and then large losses can be caused.

Second, use professional oil when increasing the screw hole to use lubricating oil. If the operator should participate in the lubricating oil to reduce the conflict between the components of the nitrogen compressor when performing maintenance operations on the machine, then you cannot use oil casually. It is necessary to use the specified lubricating oil.

3. Can not operate under pressure and stability. Nitrogen compressors have certain pressure constraints and temperature constraints during normal operation. If the pressure and temperature constraints are exceeded, the operation of the machine must be stopped, otherwise it will cause harm to the machine.

4. Do not modify the machine and add devices at will. When using the machine, the screw air compressor cannot modify the machine at will because of its own temporary needs. This may cause damage to the machine, and may endanger the personal safety of the operator in severe cases.

The above are the four issues that air compressors should pay attention to during normal operation. If we can access this kind of machine in the future, we must pay attention to these issues.

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