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Air compressor supporting equipment installation

If there are buffer purification facilities such as gas storage tank and dryer after the compressor, the ideal piping should be: compressor + gas-water separator + gas storage tank + front filter + dryer + rear filter + fine filter.

1. The installation foundation of the air compressor should be built on a hard floor, and the foundation plane must be leveled before installation to avoid vibration and noise caused by the compressor.

2. If the compressor is installed upstairs, anti-vibration treatment must be done to prevent vibration from being transmitted downstairs or causing resonance, which poses a safety hazard to the compressor and the building itself.

3. The scroll machine has low noise and low vibration, which does not exist.

5. Cooling system 

① When selecting an air-cooled compressor, consider its ventilation environment. Do not place the compressor near high-temperature equipment to prevent the compressor from inhaling high-temperature atmosphere, causing the exhaust temperature to become too high and affecting the normal operation of the unit.

② When the use conditions restrict the compressor to be installed in a small confined space, extraction and exhaust equipment must be installed to facilitate air circulation, and the capacity of the extraction and exhaust equipment must be greater than the exhaust volume of the compressor cooling fan. And the position of the air suction port should be suitable for the hot exhaust air outlet position of the compressor.

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