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Reasons for the blackening of compressed lubricants

1. Oxidation: Compressor lubricating oil reacts with air and nitrogen oxides and sulfides under high temperature and metal catalysis to produce alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids and oxygen-containing insolubles.


2. Decomposition: Long-chain hydrocarbons decompose into small molecular hydrocarbons and gases at high temperatures.

The high temperature of air compressor lubricating oil produces failure:


1. Iron filings inside the machine


2. There are particles in the inhaled air


3. Environmental pollution (chemicals, etc.)

Reasons for the blackening of compressor lubricating oil:


1. Additives are heated


2. Clean out the carbon deposits originally or during work


3. Too much dispersant


4. Carbon deposition


5. Deterioration


6. Mix in impurities


7. Excessive wear of the machine and metal chips entering


All of the above reasons are the reasons for the blackening of the compressor lubricating oil. We must be vigilant at all times.

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