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Reasons for oil leakage and oil leakage of air compressor

Oil leakage and oil leakage are difficult to avoid when applying compressor units. The main reasons are:


1. The design of the oil return pipe is unreasonable, the slope is not enough, and some pipes have "necked" phenomenon; the oil return system has air resistance, local pressure is held, and the oily mixed gas overflows from the weak point. The return pipe with a large oil return volume and a small pipe diameter shall be split. For the "necked" part of the pipeline to be modified, the oil return pipe diameter is best to be larger as it is closer to the oil tank. The 90-degree right-angle elbow must be changed to a 45-degree or 135-degree elbow. The inclination of the return pipe should not be less than 1:24.


2. Apply the sealant scientifically and carefully, clean the sealing surface thoroughly, choose the correct sealant, and add a layer of PTFE expansion tape to the sealing surface that is particularly prone to oil leakage to increase the toughness of the sealant.


3. The oil seal with poor sealing effect should be redesigned to solve the defects;


4. The sealing effect of the instrument joint is poor, which often causes oil leakage and oil leakage.


5. The middle facet is of poor manufacturing quality or corroded, and oil leakage will also occur.


6. The sealing effect of threaded small pipeline is poor.


7. The quality defects and design defects of the oil seal itself.


8. The exhaust effect of the oil tank range hood is poor and the oil tank vacuum is not enough.


9. Improper selection of sealant.


10. Irregular application of sealant on bolts leads to oil leakage.


11. The sealing gasket is invalid or improperly selected.


12. Unreasonable design of some coupling guards, non-fully enclosed type and insufficient machining accuracy will cause oil leakage.


13. The improper setting of the differential pressure of the sealing gas causes a part of the sealing gas to enter the oil system, causing the oil system to hold back pressure. In addition, if the seal gas volume and seal gas pressure are not enough, there will be a problem that the oil cannot be sealed. Both situations will cause oil leakage of the unit.


Compressor unit


Oil leakage from the compressor unit will bury a fire hazard. The management of oil leakage and oil leakage is especially strengthened for large units.

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