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What are the important functions of the lubricating oil of the screw air compressor to the air compressor

The role of screw air compressor lubricating oil is lubrication, cooling, washing, sealing, damping, unloading, protection, etc.

1. Lubrication: improve friction, reduce friction, prevent wear, and reduce power consumption.

2. Cooling effect: most of the heat generated during friction is taken away by the lubricating oil, and a small part of the heat is directly emitted through conductive radiation.

3. Flushing effect: the worn debris can be taken away by the lubricant, which is called flushing effect. The washing effect has a great influence on wear. The lubricating oil formed between the friction surfaces is very thin, and the metal debris staying on the friction surface will destroy the oil film, forming dry friction and causing abrasive wear.

4. Sealing effect: The sealing between the cylinder wall and the piston of the screw air compressor is the sealing effect of the lubricating oil.

5. Vibration damping effect: the friction part moves on the oil film, as if floating on the "oil pillow", which has a certain buffering effect on the vibration of the equipment.

6. Unloading effect: Because there is an oil film between the friction surfaces, the load acting on the friction surface is more evenly distributed on the friction surface through the oil film. This effect of the oil film is called unloading.

7. Protective function: It can protect the screw air compressor from corrosion and dust.

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