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Tips for running an axial fan

1. Commissioning


1. After the installation of the axial flow fan, check the flexibility of the fan rotation before starting, and check whether there is any friction by turning the blade by hand. Check whether there are leftover tools and other debris in the fan and adjacent pipes.


2. Check whether the damper in the pipeline is open.


3. Personnel should stay away from the fan.


4. Jog the fan to check whether the rotation of the fan is consistent with the rotation mark. After passing the inspection, stop the test after 10-30 minutes, check whether the blade is loose, and whether the vibration base and the connecting bolt of the foundation are loose. After everything is normal, It was officially launched and put into operation.

Second, the normal operation of the fan


In normal operation, the axial fan mainly monitors the current of the motor. The current is not only a sign of the fan load, but also a forecast of some abnormal accidents. Secondly, always check whether the vibration of the motor and fan is normal and whether there is friction or abnormal noise. For fans operating in parallel, attention should be paid to monitoring whether the fans are operating under surge conditions.


In normal operation, if you encounter the following conditions, you should immediately shut down and check:


1. The fan generates strong vibration or rubbing sound.


2. The motor current suddenly rises and exceeds the rated current of the motor.


3. The temperature of the motor bearing rises sharply.


3. Maintenance and care


1. Operation without faults, only when the fan equipment is completely normal.


2. Regularly check whether the fan blades are loose and the gap between the blades and the air cylinder is normal.


3. Regularly check the tightening of the connection bolts between the motor and the cabinet, and check whether the connection between the vibration damping base and the foundation is intact.


4. Regularly remove ash and dirt on the blade surface area.


5. Regularly change the grease for the motor bearings, usually add oil once every three months, or replace the grease according to the actual situation.

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