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Ten problems that need attention in the use of air compressor

Today we understand the 10 main points that need to be paid attention to when using the air compressor. Many people do not know how to judge the process of using the air compressor, and how to pay attention to the use of the air compressor. I hope it can help everyone.

As a manufacturing equipment for compressed air, air compressors are widely used in the production work of major industries. The air compressor market is constantly developing and advancing. As a mechanical device, air compressors must have some points to be paid attention to when we use them. We summarize the ten major element codes that should be followed when using air compressors for the majority of users:

1. The operating environment of the air compressor should be kept clean and dry. The gas storage tank must be placed in a well-ventilated place. Sun exposure and high temperature baking are strictly prohibited.

2. The installation of the power cord of the air compressor must meet the requirements of the safe electricity specification, repeated grounding is reliable, and the electric shock protector is sensitive. In case of power failure during operation, the power should be cut off immediately and restarted after the call.

3. When starting, it must be carried out under no-load state. After normal operation, it will gradually enter load operation.

4. Before opening the air supply valve, the gas pipeline should be connected well, and the gas pipeline should be kept unblocked and not twisted.

5. The maximum pressure in the gas storage tank cannot exceed the nameplate requirements, and the safety valve should be sensitive and effective.

6. The intake and exhaust valves, bearings and various parts should be free from abnormal noise or overheating.

7. When one of the following conditions is found, it should be shut down and checked immediately, and the operation can be carried out only after the cause is found and the fault is eliminated: water leakage, air leakage, electric leakage or sudden interruption of cooling water; the indicated values of the pressure gauge, temperature gauge and ammeter exceed the regulations; When the air pressure suddenly rises, the exhaust valve and safety valve fail; the machine has abnormal noise or strong sparks from the motor brush.

8. When blowing parts with compressed air, it is strictly forbidden to point the tuyere at the human body or other equipment.

9. When stopping, the load should be removed first, then the main clutch is disengaged, and then the operation of the motor is stopped.

10. After shutdown, close the cooling water valve, open the air release valve, and release the oil and water in the coolers and air storage tanks at all levels.

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