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Air compressor maintenance

The maintenance of the air compressor includes: maintenance and maintenance of the cooler, replacement and maintenance of the air filter element; replacement of the oil filter element, replacement of the air compressor oil, replacement and maintenance of the oil and gas separation core, installation and maintenance of the coupling, etc. .

1. Maintenance of the cooler

The cooling effect of the cooler directly affects the operating temperature of the air compressor! Ash removal is the most critical!

The plate-fin structure is easy to accumulate dust, so the maintenance of the cooler needs to blow dry compressed air above 0.4Mpa from top to bottom every month. The cooler of some screw air compressors is standing upright. During maintenance, dry compressed air above 0.4Mpa needs to be blown from the outside to the inside. After blowing, the dust and particles in the air guide hood are cleaned up to prevent recurrence The fan is blown into the cooler, causing blockage and causing high temperature of the machine. If the machine is used in a harsh environment and the surface of the cooler is covered with oil, it must be cleaned with a carbon cleaning agent.


2. Maintenance and repair of air filter.

The new air filter element should be replaced after 500 hours of running-in period. Normally, it should be replaced every 1000 hours. If the screw air compressor is operated in a particularly harsh environment, it is recommended to replace the air filter element every 300 hours. When cleaning or replacing the air filter element, the components must be aligned one by one to prevent foreign objects from falling into the intake valve.


3. Replacement of oil filter

The oil filter element should be replaced after 500 hours of running in the new air compressor. It is best to add screw oil before installing the new filter element. It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1000-1500 hours. It is best to replace the oil filter element when changing the oil. Use should shorten the replacement cycle.


4. Maintenance and replacement of oil and gas separators.

Under normal operation of the oil-gas separator, the service life of the oil-gas separator is about 2000 hours, but the quality of the lubricating oil and the filtering accuracy of the air have a huge impact on its life. It can be seen that the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter element must be shortened in a harsh environment, and even consider installing a front air filter!

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