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The difference between centrifugal air compressor and screw air compressor

Centrifuge and screw air compressor This is an air compressor with a high market share. Today I will tell you what the difference is between the centrifuge and the screw air compressor. I hope this article can help everyone.

The comparison of centrifugal and screw air compressors, that is, the advantages and disadvantages of the two, the similarities and differences, and the occasion of use.

Centrifugal air compressor:

The centrifugal air compressor is a machine that generates pressure and is a type of turbine air compressor. Turbine is the English transliteration "TURBINE", that is, the rotating impeller. In the full low-pressure air separation device, centrifugal air compressors are widely used, and there is a trend that centrifugal air compressors replace piston air compressors.

1. Centrifugal air compressor:

Refers to the movement of gas in the air compressor in a radial direction perpendicular to the axis of the air compressor.

2. Working principle:

During the rotation of the working wheel, due to the action of the rotating centrifugal force and the diffuse pressure flow in the working wheel, the pressure of the gas is increased and the speed is also increased. Subsequently, the velocity energy is further converted into pressure energy in the diffuser. It can increase the pressure of the gas.

3. Features:

Centrifugal air compressor is a speed type air compressor, compared with other air compressors:


(1) The exhaust volume is large, the exhaust is uniform, and the air flow has no pulse.

⑵High speed.

(3) No lubrication is required in the machine.

⑷Good sealing effect and less leakage.

⑸ Has a flat performance curve and a wide operating range.

⑹ Easy to realize automation and large-scale.

⑺ Less wearing parts, less maintenance, and long operating cycle.


⑴ The adaptability of the operation is poor, and the nature of the gas has a great influence on the operation performance. When the unit starts, stops, and runs, the load changes greatly.

⑵ The air flow speed is large, and the parts in the flow channel have a large friction loss.

⑶Surge phenomenon is very harmful to the machine.

4. Scope of application:

Large and medium flow, medium and low pressure occasions.

5. Classification:

⑴According to the type of shaft: single shaft multi-stage, several impellers connected in series on one shaft.

The two-axis four-stage type, four impellers are cantilevered at the two ends of the two pinions, and the rotating * motor drives the pinions through the big gears.

⑵According to the cylinder type: horizontal split type and vertical split type.

(3) According to the cooling mode between stages:

Cooling outside the stage, after each stage of compression, the gas is output outside the machine and enters the cooler.

Cooling inside the machine, the cooler and the casing are cast into one.

⑷ Classification according to compressed media: air compressor, nitrogen compressor, oxygen compressor, etc.

Screw Air Compressor   

The screw air compressor is one of the volumetric air compressors. The compression of the air is achieved by the change in the volume of the tooth grooves of the male and female rotors that are installed in the casing and are parallel to each other. The rotor pair rotates in the casing that precisely matches it, so that the gas between the rotor slots continuously produces periodic volume changes and is pushed along the rotor axis from the suction side to the discharge side, completing the three steps of suction, compression and exhaust A working process.

Characteristics of screw air compressor:

1) The screw air compressor is the same as the piston air compressor and belongs to the volumetric air compressor. From the point of view of use effect, the screw air compressor has the following advantages.

2) High reliability. The screw air compressor has few parts and no wearing parts, so it operates reliably and has a long life.

3) Convenient operation and maintenance. The screw air compressor has a high degree of automation, and the operator does not need to go through long-term professional training to achieve unattended operation.

4) Power balance is good. The screw air compressor has no unbalanced inertial force, the machine can work smoothly at high speed, and it can achieve baseless operation. It is particularly suitable for mobile air compressors, with small size, light weight, and small footprint.

5) Strong adaptability. The screw air compressor has the characteristics of forced gas delivery, the volume flow is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and it can maintain high efficiency in a wide range. It is suitable for a variety of operations without any change in the structure of the air compressor. condition.

The main disadvantages of screw air compressor:

1) High cost. Since the rotor tooth surface of the screw air compressor is a space curved surface, it needs to be processed on expensive special equipment by using special tools. In addition, the machining accuracy of oil and gas barrels of screw air compressors also has high requirements.

2) Cannot be applied to high-pressure occasions. Due to the limitations of rotor stiffness and bearing life, screw air compressors can only be applied to medium and low pressure ranges, and the exhaust pressure generally does not exceed 3Mpa.

3) Not suitable for occasions with small displacement. Screw air compressors rely on the gap to seal the gas. Currently, only when the volume flow is greater than 0.2M3 / min, the screw air compressor has superior performance.

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