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Common faults of intake valve of screw air compressor

The intake valve of the screw air compressor is a normally open intake valve. When the screw air compressor is not loaded, the solenoid valve is opened, and the solenoid valve is closed after the compressor is loaded. When the solenoid valve is opened, there will be a gas to close the intake valve, but it cannot be completely closed, and the air intake space must be reserved to maintain the minimum pressure required for compressor lubrication. This pressure is generally 1.5 bar; after the solenoid valve is closed , The compressor will enter the normal working state until it reaches the set working pressure, which depends on the user.

The air inlet valve has two pipes, one way is empty; the other way is to release the residual air in the valve to ensure the normal loading of the compressor. When unloading, the current is too large, indicating that the tank pressure is high and the intake valve opening is large. Please adjust the vent screw to ensure that the tank pressure will not be too high.

After the screw air compressor is stopped, the tank pressure can be completely emptied in about 60 seconds, that is, the pressure is 0, and your tank pressure is still 6bar, indicating that there is a problem with the intake valve vent line: it may be the diameter Too thin; the orifice of the combined valve is too small or whether it is blocked by debris.

After unloading, the pressure will rise slightly back and forth, but this is only needed for balance, and the time is very short. It will not rise to high pressure shutdown, high pressure shutdown should be a problem with the air compressor solenoid valve, please check whether it is intact and can work normally. No matter what kind of intake valve, the tank pressure should be maintained between 1.0 and 2.0 BAR when unloading. Too high is a great waste of energy for screw air compressors.

Causes and solutions of screw air compressor inlet valve not opening

The air intake valve of the screw air compressor is a component that controls the air pressure in the air storage tank. The commonly used air intake valve has a rotating disc structure and a reciprocating valve plate mechanism. Airflow from the nose.

There are two control methods:

One is a switch. When the pressure of the gas storage tank reaches the high limit setting value, the air inlet is closed, and when the pressure drops to the low limit setting value, the air inlet is reopened.

The other is that when the gas storage tank reaches a certain pressure, the rotating disc is slightly closed under the control of the proportional valve. When the pressure of the gas storage tank is further increased, the air inlet is further reduced. When the pressure of the gas storage tank is When it is slightly reduced, the air inlet will be increased to stabilize the pressure in a certain range. When the pressure does not reach the regulated pressure, the intake valve disc is fully opened and the intake port is fully opened.

In the case of operation, what are the reasons for the intake valve of the screw air compressor to be closed, and what are the solutions? Let's briefly discuss it!


1. Too much water in the control pipe, maintain the control pipe every day.

2. The intake valve works incorrectly; check the cylinder, valve sleeve and other parts, and replace if necessary.

3. The air intake valve is stuck; check the intake valve, valve sleeve, or shaft, and replace if necessary.

4. The intake valve spring is broken; replace the spring

5. Solenoid valve failure; repair or replace as required, check wiring before replacement.

6. The shuttle valve is damaged; repair or replacement.

7. The solenoid valve wire connector is loose; check and tighten the wire terminal.

These will cause the intake valve of the screw air compressor to malfunction, and should be handled carefully during production operation.

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